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Transferring Financial Success

Transferring Financial Success Empowerment Scholarship Learning Link

Sensational Cajun (SC) supports Transferring Financial Success (TFS) a Federal income tax exempt and tax deductible non-profit organization 501c(3) during the third week of July at Capital Lakefair. SC contribute regular donations which help fund youth scholarships. No wages or benefits are paid from Lakefair Scholarship Fundraising. Minus food expense, fees, insurance, and other expenses, all funds for youth scholarships.


Next $1,000 Scholarship Financial Empowerment Class

              2021 Dates:  TBD                  

Time: 9:30AM - 7:30PM      Place:  TBD 



  Youth (12th Grade - Sophomore College)

2021 Capital Lakefair Shift

Shift 1:  TBD

                                           Shift 2:  TBD



 Transferring Financial Success (TFS) is providing youth with financial, investing, entrepreneurial and post secondary education and upward mobility pathway skills. Helping youth stay focus through our Compassionate Banquet Program to lessen hunger.   


Develop a winning network of partners while focusing on financial and post-secondary education to include equipping youth with upward mobility skills that lead to prevention of excessive debt for maturing youth to include no youth in need of a warm meal.   

Employment Skills

Youth who have completed Transferring Financial Success’ Empowerment Program are eligible for potential employment with Sensational Cajun.


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